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  Welcome to Lonewriter's Journey!

Lonewriter's Journey is about freedom and self-empowerment. 
By self-empowerment, I mean the following:

Un-needed and unwanted mental and emotional baggage - we
must shed it or remain in a form of self-imposed bondage. 
The Eagles' song lyric about 'spending our lives in chains 
and never knowing we have the key' says volumes.  Once we 
are mentally liberated, we can then turn our attention to 
enhancing our lives in other areas, learning and creating 
new things.
Sustainable, human-scale technologies are essential for our health and survival in this modern age. These include housing, transportation, health, all the things we use daily.
>Mission Statement: ** Empowerment is also about lessening our dependency on things over which we have no control. ** This website is growing and evolving. Check back periodically - the links will be updated as new material is available.

Lonewriter's 'Free' Technologies

Will soon publish schematics and plans for creating your own sustainable, low-cost technologies. Coming soon to this site: Using Solar 'Battery Saver' Panels, Equipping A Van For Use As an Emergency Residence, Homebrew Security Systems For Home and Vehicles
>Designing and Using Solar Power Systems for Home Power Generation, by Lonewriter. Valuable How-To information on harnessing solar power at home!

'Free' Technologies, General Science Stuff

>My LINUX web site Mad at Micro$oft? Try a FREE operating system with fast performance on OLD PC s! >Lonewriter's Alternative Energy Page Make your own power and move closer to energy self-sufficiency! >Useful DIY Electronics Links >Ham Radio Links >Neat Robotics Links >NASA - Mars Exploration

Lonewriter's Essays

>Stranded a story of a lone space traveler - with a twist. >Something Gained ... Something Lost asks the question - 'Is the trip worth it?' >Oh, Well ... What Can I Do? how we tolerate the intolerable.

Other Useful Stuff

>Woody's Office Watch A MUST for M-Soft Office and/or Win95/98 users !!
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